10 Classically Attractive Things About Guys

Well.. i totally agree with all of them. But it doesn’t mean that “as long as i laugh, i will like you”, sometimes i do that to just get by you, or self indulge coz your sense of humor sucks.

Thought Catalog

This actually took me some time to compose. To be honest, I think the whole pop-culture thing about having a ‘criteria’ for your ‘ideal’ man/woman or whether he/she is a 5 or a 10 to be pure nonsense, but here I am doing the same thing I saw on television shows growing up.

1. Funny boys

Before anyone says this is unfair, I think everyone has a funny streak somewhere in them. If you’ve laughed at least once in you life, you have proven your appreciation of humor. When you become comfortable around another person, you allow yourself to become funnier. It doesn’t matter whether someone dwells in sarcastic humor, light humor, silly humor, clumsy humor, etc. as long as I laugh, I will like you to some degree.

3. Eye contact

Oh the amount of guys that I have met who did a weird thing with their eyes they…

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