Each one of us carries this really enormous universes inside our tiny brains. These universes, become active when someone hints at your emotional cord. Some one has to call out to your EQ, for you to connect to it convincingly.

Some times, there happens to be minor setbacks in the working of these universes and that’s when things get out of control. When you are living an independent life in ┬áthe oceanic city of Mumbai, can you really afford to hope for a sincere advice? The ones we so proudly call our ‘family we choose’, are they worthy of the title? Till what extend can we put the responsibility of finding our solutions onto others? Each one of us seems to be fighting the biggest battle of our own. So how many battle fields can we possibly juggle before we crash mid crisis?

Instead of constantly being on a look out for that perfect mechanic, we ought to be ones own mechanic, to look after one’s own universe. If no human is perfect, then why damage our controls running after that perfection? We cannot be robots with no setbacks. There is beauty in every imperfection that we find ourselves in. There can be only one best mechanic, and that’s within each one of us fit for ourselves.