Living for yourself or others?

It’s fine to be selfish once in a while. Right? 

The question here is how selfish are you allowed to be? 

In a society which values maintaining relationships over focusing on individual self, we are often made to feel guilty when we start thinking about ourselves. “Emotional Atyachar(torture)”, as its often joked about as, is a soft, cushy weapon with a long lasting effect on our decisions. But till what level is it acceptable to think about others before you think about yourself, To live for your family and friend’s contentment. Not at the cost of over shadowing your own needs.

It is important to be assertive. You need to be practical headed. But success in career is best when complimented with success in relationships and to maintain a balance between the two is not an easy task at all. Strive to excel but am sure you don’t want to be alone at the top. You need people to raise your toast with. To celebrate!

Each of us, as individuals have our own wishes, demands, hopes and dreams to fulfill. But if all of us start thinking only about ourselves, then the world will become a difficult place to live in. Life is about little compromises here and there. If you expect others to be there for you at your low times, you ought to try and be there at their needy times.

You have to think who are worth your effort and time. Family? Friends? Girl friend/ Boy friend? You, yourself? After all everything is working on a stop watch, so you gotta act quick. Your time on earth is limited.Image