We all slip in and do things that we aren’t suppose to. The mistakes which are not the regrets.

In this materialistic world of juxtapositions, does anyone actually love you at the age of 20. At an age when all you love is money? And all they see is sex? How do you know if its the emotions or the hormones manipulating your actions all the while.

Baseless relationships, irrelevant jobs, struggling academics, can be a strong recipe to arrive your adulthood with a bundle full of bumps. Either ways we have to deal with them. Yes, we all do make some wrong choices on our way. But the question here is, do we always get to amend them? Or are we just suppose to learn from our mistakes and move on.

I guess the right choice is to walk on with a high head because with every night, there is a new day of maturity that awaits us. What we need to do is, look those mistakes in the eye and accept them as done by our younger self. After all, if not everyone, we must give ourselves a second chance to improve and trust in that chance.Image